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Say Good-bye to Safety Pinning!

Say Good-bye to Safety Pinning!

A fashionable way to have your favorite clothes fit perfectly!

Fed up with safety pinning skirts and tops, the idea came to mind to design a fashionable clip, strong enough to hold the train to the bodice of a wedding dress!


After months of research, lots of testing, and a patent pending design, BlingIt!TM was born!

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  • Keep sarongs shut
  • Stop wraps from gaping open
  • Close up a deep V-neck
  • Hide a dress slip
  • Pin down a high skirt slit
  • Safely fix a broken bra strap
  • Keep a bathing suit top in place
  • Secure a Hijab
  • Add flair to a jacket
  • Add Bling to a purse
  • Ensure modesty
  • Secure tank top to bra strap



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